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Rapiscan IME

Rapiscan Systems

Rapiscan Industrial Mining Equipment, Satmagan, MetcorrIndustrial & Mining Equipment

Rapiscan Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of conveyor tramp metal detectors model Metcorr 117C and the Satmagan 135 Saturation Magnetization Analyzer for industrial and mining applications.

BRS is the exclusive distributor for Rapiscan Systems' Industrial Mining for North America, including Canada, United States, and Mexico; and South America.

Rapiscan IME, Industrial and Mining Equipment, Metcorr, SatmaganThe Metcorr 117C metal detector is able to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals over a wide spectrum of applications from mines to wood-chip conveyors. The two-channel method employed by the Metcorr 117C ensures a uniform response from rod- or bar-shaped objects irrespective of their orientation. The Metcorr 117C can also be used on conveyors with steel corded belts.

Rapiscan IME, Industrial and Mining Equipment, Metcorr, SatmaganThe Satmagan 135 magnetic analyzer is an ideal instrument for analyzing mixtures of magnetic and non-magnetic components. Accurate analysis of ferro-magnetic compounds of iron such as magnetite is extremely difficult and time-consuming using chemical methods. The measuring time of the Satmagan 135 is roughly one minute with an accuracy of 0.4% (and can be as good as 0.1%).