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About us


BRS is the exclusive Canadian distributor to many products in the security, EOD/EDU, and law enforcement markets.

American Sciences and Engineering, AS&E, Z Backscatter X-Rays, MiniZ, X-Ray Baggage Screener Golden Engineering, X-Ray Sources, XR150, XR200, XRS3, XRS4, Portable X-Ray Generators Mistral Security, GOLAN Explosive Storage Vessels, Wet Chemistry, Explosives Detection Products, Expray, DropEx, ExPen, Drug / Narcotic Detection Products, Aerosols, PenTests, PDT, Presumptive Drug Tests Kirintec EOD Tools
Nabco, Explosive Containment Vessels Rapiscan Systems, Rapiscan Mining Equipment, Satmagan 135, Metcorr 117C, Valley Associates, Valley Associates Global Security Company, VAGSC


Service and Support

BRS Innovations, X-Ray Baggage Screener, Service and Support, Repairs, 24-7BRS is able to provide full service and support to our customers; both remotely and on-site. BRS is proud to work with American Science and Engineering (AS&E), and presently provides on site service and support for AS&E's customers within Canada.  AS&E manufacturers best in class x-ray equipment for container, baggage, and parcel screening.