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About us


BRS is the exclusive Canadian distributor to many products in the security, EOD/EDU, and law enforcement markets.

American Sciences and Engineering, AS&E, Z Backscatter X-Rays, MiniZ, X-Ray Baggage Screener Golden Engineering, X-Ray Sources, XR150, XR200, XRS3, XRS4, Portable X-Ray Generators Mistral Security, GOLAN Explosive Storage Vessels, Wet Chemistry, Explosives Detection Products, Expray, DropEx, ExPen, Drug / Narcotic Detection Products, Aerosols, PenTests, PDT, Presumptive Drug Tests Nabco, Explosive Containment Vessels Logos Imaging, Portable X-Ray Imaging Products and Solutions Rapiscan Systems, Rapiscan Mining Equipment, Satmagan 135, Metcorr 117C, Valley Associates, Valley Associates Global Security Company, VAGSC


Service and Support

BRS Innovations, X-Ray Baggage Screener, Service and Support, Repairs, 24-7BRS is able to provide full service and support to our customers; both remotely and on-site. BRS is proud to work with American Science and Engineering (AS&E), and presently provides on site service and support for AS&E's customers within Canada.  AS&E manufacturers best in class x-ray equipment for container, baggage, and parcel screening.