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Rapiscan Systems - METCORR 117C

Rapiscan SystemsIndustrial Metal Detector for a Reliable Tramp Metal Detection

BRS is the exclusive distributor for Rapiscan Systems' Industrial Mining for North America, including Canada, United States, and Mexico; and South America.

Metcorr 117C is a metal detector, which is able to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects. It is suited for mines, quarries and other industrial facilities, where unwanted metal objects in conveyed material would cause damage or excessive wear on process equipment, e.g. crushers.

Rapiscan Systems, Metcorr 117C, Reliable Tramp Metal Detection SystemMetcorr 117C comprises of one electronics set, one coil system with interconnecting cables and an optional coil mounting set. The coil system comprises of two identical coil elements, which are available in five different sizes. The material, which is to be screened for tramp metal, travels on the conveyor belt between the coils. As the coils in Metcorr 117C are identical, they are also interchangable, which enables a quick and cost-effective repair. However, Metcorr 117C is known to be an extremely reliable metal detector that is practically maintenance free.  Metcorr 117C has customers that have used it for decades without interruptions.

The two channel method, used in Metcorr 117C helps reliably detect rod and bar shaped metal objects, and can be used on steel corded belts.  Unlike many other metal detectors, Metcorr 117C does not cause false alarms when used on metal reinforced belts.  Metcorr 117C can detect metal in any orientation on the belt and has excellent immunity to vibration.

Metcorr 117C is easy and quick to install. When needed it can be mounted in a vertical position.  

Features & Options

  • CoilsThe rugged coil systems comprises of two electrically and physically identical coil sets, of which one operates as a receiver and the other as a transmitter. The coil windings are molded in a fibre glass reinforced enclosure with rubber edging.
  • Coil Mounting Set - OptionalA coil mounting set is optionally available for protection of upper coil against damage due to overburden on the conveyor. Materials are steel and fiberglass-reinforced plastic, impact bar cushioned with rubber.
  • Reset Switch, Ready And Alarm Lamps - Feature
  • Coast Counter Set - Optional - counts alarms during conveyor coasting
  • Splice Detector - Optional - prevents false alarms caused by fixed metal parts in the conveyor belt.

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