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Golden Engineering - Redesigned XR200 and XRS3 Now Available

Posted by Adam Belrango on

Golden Engineering, XR200 and XRS3, Redesigned for 2017

Continuing with their redesign work on the XR150, Golden Engineering has redesigned the XR200 and XRS3 for 2017.  These updated units are now available for purchase, exclusively through BRS Innovations.

Golden Engineering's x-ray sources are the lightest, most versatile, portable x-ray generators on the market.  These are the ideal products for explosive disposal teams, and now include several new features providing even greater functionality.  The new models bring many improvements, including:

  • Smaller and lighter
  • 20V Li-Ion battery for longer run time
  • Picatinny rail option on sides for attachment of lights or laser devices
  • Upgraded LCD interface, with controls for pulse rate speed, multiple pulse trains, and more.

Golden XR150See the new XR200 and XRS-3 here, with a listing of all their functions; for more info on the redesigned XR150, please click here.  For more information or repair / service on any of Golden Engineering's products, please contact us

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