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Golden Engineering18 V - 20 V Portable X-Ray Generator

The XRS-3 is a light duty X-ray machine from Golden Engineering that requires little maintenance. The modular design makes component replacement easy and cost effective. The DeWalt® battery and battery charger are commercially available in retail stores worldwide.

Golden Engineering, XRS3, Redesigned for 2017, Portable X-Ray GeneratorLead shielding in the XRS-3 protects the user by minimizing radiation leakage outside of the X-ray beam while a time delay button and remote cable allow the operator to move a safe distance from the unit when it is in operation. Visual and audible indicators in the unit alert the operator when the XRS-3 is activated. Also, the XRS-3 contains no radioactive material. The unit produces radiation only when it is pulsing.

270 kVp Light Duty Pulsed X-Ray Machine

The redesigned XRS3 has an 80 character LCD (20x4), menu based interface and is powered by a DeWalt 18 V - 20 V Li-Ion battery.

New Features

  • Pulse setting up to 999 pulses
  • Variable pulse rate (1 pulse per second or slower)
  • Set multiple pulse trains
  • Select time delay between pulse trains
  • Records total life pulses on source
  • Two re-settable pulse trackers
  • Retro-fit existing XRS3 X-Ray Generators
  • Lemo K Series circular connector
  • 21 mm Picattinny Rails for mounting accessories
  • New hassle-free tripod mount
  • 5500 pulses per battery charge
  • Battery includes charge indicator

Highly Portable

  • Source with battery is 9% lighter than previous version
  • Compact size is 13% smaller in volume
  • Battery weighs less than 1 lb (.45 kg)


  • Length: 14.20" (36.07 cm)
  • Height: 5.83" (14.81 cm)
  • Width: 4.28" (10.87 cm)
  • Power: DeWalt 18 V - 20 V Li-Ion Battery
  • Weight: 11.8 lb / 5.3 kg (including battery)
  • Output Dose: Average 2.6 mR / pulse, measured 12" (30 cm) from source
  • Pulse Rate: 15 pulses per second
  • Source Size: 1/8" (3 mm)
  • Max Photon Energy: 270 kVp
  • Pulse Width: 25 nanoseconds
  • Beam Angle: 40° standard
  • Current Draw: 20 amps
  • Max Duty Cycle: 200 pulses per 4 minutes
  • Warm Up: NONE Required
  • Warranty: 1 year limited parts, labour, and service.