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Fentanyl Drug Test Kit - Now In Stock

Posted by Matthew Smith on

The first field drug test kit specifically designed to detect Fentanyl

Mistral - Fentanyl Drug Test Kit

BRS Innovations and Mistral Security are proud to announce the first field drug test kit specifically designed to detect Fentanyl is now in stock.  The test kit comes in the form of a Presumptive Drug Test (PDT), an ampoule based colourimetric reagent, designed for use by Law Enforcement, Agencies, and professionals.

Mistral Security is currently the only company in the market with a stand-alone test capability. Fentanyl has taken the lives of thousands of users, as well as a many police officers who were trying to fight against the drug problem. Until now, Law Enforcement has not had available an inexpensive, in-field test for Fentanyl. Unlike others who claim they can detect the drug by using a more general drug screening test, Mistral Security’s PDT has the ability to distinguish between Fentanyl and amphetamine or methamphetamine. At release, due to high demand, quantities are expected to be limited, while BRS is accepting pre-orders which will be completed on a "first-come-first-served" style.

Mistral Security, Fentanyl Drug Detection Kit, Field Test Kit, Presumptive Drug Test (PDT)The Fentanyl PDT reagent is manufactured by Mistral Security (Bethesda, MD, USA), distributed exclusively in Canada by BRS Innovations (Ottawa, ON, Canada). Mistral Security is the first to offer a true Fentanyl test. The Fentanyl PDT is designed to specifically detect fentanyl, while still being able to separately identify amphetamines or methamphetamines. This PDT kit contains multiple ampoules, spatula, and instructions.

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