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UV Trap - Forensics

UV Trap - Forensics

Mistral Security

  • $10099

UV Trap is an oil-based, ultraviolet invisible identification spray designed to mark non-porous items (e.g. door handles, desks, etc.) for investigative purposes. UV Trap offers several distinct improvements over conventional ultraviolet marking products. First, UV Trap is an oil-based spray, not a dry particulate in either powder or pencil form. Consequently, it is not easily transferred to others. Second, because the ultraviolet particles are embedded inside the oil, when a marked item is touched, the ultraviolet particles are safely deposited on top of skin cells making it almost impossible to wash off. The ultraviolet particles will remain on the skin for a minimum of 48 hours despite repeated washing with soap and water. Particles are revealed by shining a UV light on suspect.

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