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Ehrlich Reagent - PDT (Box of 10)

Mistral Security

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Sold in Boxes of 10 units/tests.

Presumptive Drug Test (PDT) includes a series of individual reagent tests that can be used by drug enforcement agencies, law enforcement officers and military CID units, easily and quickly identifying the use of controlled substances in these fields. PDTs are:

• For professional use only
• Easy to use
• Proven reagents
• Quick with results
• For one-time use only

What is Modified Ehrlich Reagent Used For?

Lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD is regarded as a mood-changing chemical. As such, the intake of such chemical can result in a risky situation. In order to avoid all the potential harms that come with the use of this chemical, special mixtures or reagents have been used to test if a substance tests positive or negative for LSD. One such mixture is the modified Ehrlich reagent.

All About Modified Ehrlich Reagent

This reagent is actually formed by the mixture of concentrated hydrochloric acid and that of p-dimethylamino benzaldehyde. The drug identification tool comes with colorimetric technology, with the resulting color being determined by either the concentration of the acid or all other conditions that can cause the reaction.

Mistral's Modified Ehrlich Reagent

The reagent is packed in a drug identification testing kit that contains collection papers. These papers are used to collect samples on the surface. It also has the ampoules that include the cap and bottom part, both of which are used in observing the resulting color that will dictate the results of the test.

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