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Acid Neutralizer - PDT (Box of 10)

Mistral Security

  • $2599

Sold in Boxes of 10 units/tests.

Mistral Acid Neutralizer

Presumptive drug tests are used to determine the presence of an illegal substance. These tests, usually colorimetric, are conducted in the field by law enforcement officers or by forensic specialists in a laboratory setting. Outside of the labs, officers use field test kits that are conveniently packaged in individual, easy-to-use weather-proof pouches. Presumptive tests are typically followed up by confirmatory lab tests.

A typical field test kit will include a set of PDT pouches containing different reagents for detecting and identifying various substances and a box of acid neutralizers for use upon completion of each individual test. The acid neutralizers come in the same convenient all-weather pouches as the PDTs. Using them is a standard safety recommendation to ensure that the strong acids and bases contained in many tests are neutralized and will not harm test personnel unnecessarily.


Acid neutralizers are recommended for use with many of the available Mistral Presumptive Drug Tests in the following applications:

• Airport Baggage Inspection
• Border Inspections
• Campus Security Check
• Crime Scene Investigation
• Customs Inspection
• Maritime Inspection
• Port and Harbor Cargo Check
• Traffic Stops/Checkpoints

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