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Cannabis Test - Drug Detection Pen Test (Box of 10)

Mistral Security

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This PenTest option comes in boxes of 10 individual tests.

Mistral Security Drug Test Kit.  Pen Test pouches contain an Ampoule, two Collection papers and a Colour chart.

Cannabis Test is an application based field test kit for the detection and identification of marijuana, hashish, and related drugs.  Cannabis Test contains a patented modified Fast Blue BB reagent.  Product modifications have been incorporated to reduce the number of false positives, remove suspected carcinogenic elements, and stabilize this well known reagent. Using the included Mistral’s Collection Paper, simply wipe the suspected surface or touch the substance, and apply the Cannabis Test.  A reddish brown colour reaction reaction on the Collection Paper indicates a positive reaction.

  • Identifies and Detects The Presence Of Cannabis, Marijuana and Hashish By Arrest Or Discovery Without Destroying Evidence
  • Can Detect Trace Amounts Of Illicit Substances Even If The Naked Eye Cannot See The Residue, As Little As 1 Microgram Per Square Millimetre
  • Fast and Accurate Results In Seconds, Easy-to-Use, Non-Toxic And Non-Destructive Test Maintains Integrity Of Evidence Collected
  • Ideal For Schools, Crime Scene Investigations, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol or Personal Home Drug ID Testing
  • Includes PenTest, Two Test Papers, Instructions and Color Chart For Easy Result Reading - Multi-Use


The PenTests offer a number of advantages over the competition, including:

  • General screening, presumptive testing that catches 25 illicit drugs using no more than two tests
  • Specific screening, presumptive testing for individual illicit drugs, single test
  • Test results available in less than half the time it takes with current test kits
  • Non-destructive test maintains evidence collected in the field all the way to the lab
  • K-9 alert validation
  • No need for acid neutralizers

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