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Kirintec Products - Now Available

Posted by Matthew Smith on

Kirintec EOD Tools, Ceramic Cutting Blade, Kinesis Plus, Hook and Line Kits.BRS Innovations is proud to now offer Kirintec's products within Canada.  Kirintec manufactures a variety of product for Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams.  From initiators, to ceramic cutters, to hook & line kits; Kirintec's products offer the highest of quality.

About Kirintec  

Kirintec – a name you can trust.  
Kirintec EOD ToolsWe are known internationally for providing a wide spectrum of high performance specialist EOD, C-IED and ECM products to the global defence and security market.
So, when we talk about a stringent quality system running through our veins, ‘quality’ does affect every area of our business. It really matters to us as our products as live saving equipment; people deploying to protect others deserve the very best equipment.
We see quality management as something that every employee and supplier are part of. Where possible we actively seek out suppliers who have attained the same ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. Importantly, quality requires the very highest level of skilled management and procedures by those involved.
See more of Kirintec's products on our product page, here.

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