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Nin Plus Ultra - Forensics

Nin Plus Ultra - Forensics

Mistral Security

  • $8099

Nin Plus Ultra is an aerosol-based latent fingerprint development product for use on porous surfaces (e.g. checks, paper, etc.). Nin Plus Ultra dramatically shortens print development time. Latent fingerprints begin developing in as few as 20 minutes with no other tools required. With the application of a wet heat source, development can be accelerated to within 5 minutes. Nin Plus Ultra does not damage the surface and does not cause inks to run. Nin Plus Ultra contains active ninhydrin. Other processes of ninhydrin tub testing involves harmful chemicals and compounds that effect the ozone layer such as freon and CFC’s. NIN PLUS ULTRA, however, provides the same results without harming the environment. It meets candle tests for non-flammability.

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