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Total Containment Vessel

Nabco Systems

Self-Closing Total Containment Vessels


TOTAL CONTAINMENT VESSEL  NABCO SYSTEMS SELF-CLOSING TOTAL CONTAINMENT VESSELSNABCO’s line of self-closing Total Containment Vessels (TCVs) allow EOD technicians to safely contain, transport and dispose of explosive devices. The vessel can be remotely opened and closed providing safer stand-off for the technician.  

  • Repeatable & one-time detonation ratings
  • Live explosive testing prior to every shipment & as part of every standard training
  • Mechanical fail-safe design keeps your TCV closed & sealed---even in the event of electric or hydraulic failure
  • Made in the USA

Chem/Bio Capable Total Containment Vessels with Patented Sampling Capability


NABCO’s line of self-closing Total Containment Vessels (TCVs) can be upgraded with a chemical/biological package to contain, transport and dispose of explosive devices that contain biochemical hazards. They will remain gas-tight up to their full repeatable containment capacity and remain sealed indefinitely following a detonation. 

These units include NABCO’s patented sampling capability. 

Patented Sampling Capability

  • Pull both liquid and vapor samples pre and post blast, with or without pressure
  • Safely retrieve samples into a zero psi sample bottle ---with minimal risk of exposure to the operator, and no risk of over-pressurization for the laboratory evaluation of the sample
  • Collect accurate and representative samples regardless of the weight of the hazardous material inside the vessel
  • Decontaminate the system when sampling is complete

Designed for use with NABCO Chem/Bio TCVs, the NABCO Treatment System is the most efficient way to decontaminate a sealed vessel that contains a chemical or biological agent.

NABCO Treatment System

NABCO NTSThe NABCO Treatment System (NTS) can be used to decontaminate a NABCO Gas-Tight  TCV after a detonation — safely and effectively neutralizing chemical or biological agents contained by the vessel. 


To customize your TCV, choose from add-ons such as programmable logic control, robot and storage lockers, fender mounted toolboxes, scene lighting, and secondary enclosures and tarps for a custom configuration to meet your needs.