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Total Containment Explosive Magazine

Nabco Systems

An Innovative Alternative to Traditional Magazines

TOTAL CONTAINMENT EXPLOSIVE MAGAZINE  NABCO SYSTEMS AN INNOVATIVE ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITIONAL MAGAZINESMore than a traditional magazine, NABCO’s line of Zero-Arc Total Containment Explosive Magazines allow military and law enforcement personnel to safely and conveniently store the unique explosive tools they need in a more efficient, convenient and secure manner. NABCO Total Containment Explosive Magazines (TCEM) can be placed as close as five feet from inhabited buildings and do not require special packaging or other provisions to prevent sympathetic detonations. Users can store material of different hazard classifications together in one magazine, allowing them to assemble kits in advance for fast retrieval and response. 

As land becomes increasingly scarce in urban and suburban areas, owning a NABCO TCEM becomes even more beneficial. Our larger NEW accommodation requires a much smaller footprint compared to traditional options. Agencies facing restrictions on land use due to encroachment can store explosives within their existing security perimeter, eliminating the need for extra land in more remote areas that would be required for traditional bunkers or magazines.

Ratings & Standoff

The TCEM product line includes three different models that are approved for storage of bulk explosives of mixed hazard classifications within short distances from inhabited buildings. Through exhaustive live explosive testing, these units have been verified and approved by the Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board.

For use in Canada, the Explosives Regulatory Division (under Natural Resources Canada) is responsible for issuing permits for the storage and use of explosives.  BRS Innovations and Nabco Systems can assist in providing the technical information required to apply for the appropriate permits.