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Suspect Parcel & Luggage Containment Vessels

Nabco Systems

Contain Threats Identified During Screening Operations

NABCO, Suspect Luggage Containment Vessel SLCV

Nabco Systems, Suspect Parcel & Luggage Containment Vessels Facility ProtectionNABCO offers a complete line of containment vessels designed to allow security personnel to quickly and safely contain luggage, letters and packages that have been identified as suspect during screening operations. These units provide an affordable and safe way to contain threats and move them away from populated areas until the emergency response team arrives.

With NABCO’s proven containment systems, operators benefit from:

  • Total containment of fragmentation, blast loads and thermal effects associated with explosive charges
  • Quick transport away from terminals and conveyance systems—reducing disruptions and saving money
  • Compatible with all currently deployed bomb squad robotic platforms & portable X-ray systems

NABCO offers four models of Suspect Luggage & Parcel Containment Vessels to meet your specific explosive containment rating & operating requirements. All NABCO SLCV & SPCV designs have undergone live explosive testing to each model’s full capacity rating.