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Mobile Thermal Treatment Unit

Nabco Systems

Treat Brass Ammunition & Other Household Hazardous Waste


Nabco Systems, Mobile Thermal Treatment Unit Cleaner, Safer DisposalNABCO’s Mobile Thermal Treatment Unit (MTTU) is an innovative and clean alternative to open burning of household hazardous waste, including brass ammunition, shotgun shells, CS/CN canisters, and flares. The MTTU provides a safer means for recycling and reclamation of metals from ammunition, and its mobility allows for regional and statewide treatment options, further reducing the transportation of hazardous waste through communities.


  • Clean Air Act compliant for the treatment of brass ammunition (50 cal and below)
  • Also treats shotgun shells, CS/CN canisters, and flares
  • Total containment technology for protection against extreme energetic reactions during the treatment process
  • Automated system to monitor and control the treatment process
  • Electric radiant heating system eliminates need for fuel inside the chamber, dramatically reducing the risk of accidental explosion
  • Mobile platform for use in both emergency and site-permitted locations
  • Efficient reclamation and recycling capability