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Mistral Security, Expray, Explosive Detection Products, Wipe and SprayA unique explosive aerosol test technology, Expray, detects both trace and substance levels of explosives as well as homemade explosive (HME) precursors. Commonly used by armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, Expray helps detect a wide spectrum of explosives and HME precursors quickly and effectively.

As a pre-blast tool, it screens against potential terrorist elements. As a post-blast tool, it can immediately analyze any residues at the site to determine whether explosives were present and if so, what kind or if the detonation was the result of some other phenomenon.

Mistral Security, Expray, Explosive Detection Products, Wipe and SprayEach kit includes three bottles of Reagent, which are sprayed directly on the suspect surface or onto a collection wipe. Positive reactions result in an instantaneous color change. Comes in a rugged carrying case for easy portability and use.


  • Nitro Aromatic
  • Nitro Esters
  • Nitramines
  • Inorganic Nitrates
  • Urea Nitrate
  • Ammonium Nitrate
  • Chlorates
  • Bromates
  • Peroxide-based components
  • Perchlorates



  • Expray and DropEx technology covers all commercial and improvised explosives in quick, easy to use aerosols and bottled liquids
  • Test results are very quick and accurate
  • Sensitivity is 20 nano-grams
  • Temperature tolerances are from -17°C to 51°C (0°F to 125° F)
  • Aerosols/Bottles come in 50 and 100 test sizes 


  • Detection of explosive compounds in combat theaters
  • Testing of suspicious packages or objects at Check Points
  • EOD operations
  • Assessing abandoned soils and facilities for explosive compounds and residues
  • Confirming K-9 Alerts
  • Analysis of post-blast explosions
  • Security personnel protecting critical infrastructure

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