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Cheiros Wireless X-Ray Trigger

Remote firing triggers for Golden Engineering X-Ray Sources

The Cheiros Wireless X-Ray Trigger is a light weight, battery-powered remote x-ray firing device.  When used with Golden Engineering X-Ray Machines, users can control x-ray firing from over 400 meters.  The heartbeat display on the transmitter provides communication feedback allowing the user to know with confidence the x-ray machine is in range.  To ensure safe operation, the 10 second delay prevents continuous x-ray firing by locking the transmitter after each round of pulses.


  • Over 400 meter range (line of sight)
  • Compatible with all 5-pin Golden Engineering X-Ray Sources
  • Heartbeat display to monitor connectivity
  • Dual button triggers to ensure no accidental firing
  • Triggers use 2 AA batteries
  • Receivers powered from the X-Ray Source Battery
  • Internal and external receivers available