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BZO (Benzodiazepine) - Drug Detection Pen Test (Box of 10)

Mistral Security

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This PenTest option comes in boxes of 10 individual tests.

Pen Test pouches contain an Ampoule, two Collection papers and a Colour chart.

Detects Benzodiazepines (Valium, Rohypnol) in Trace and Bulk Amounts

The Benzodiazepine Identification Pen Test from Mistral is an individual ampoule-based, hand-held colorimetric drug detection and drug identification test for benzodiazepine. The PenTest Series from Mistral Security is a collection of single or multi-drug identification kits that provide law enforcement officers and anti-narcotics operatives with a reliable field test kit for trace or bulk drug detection. Each test packet contains two test papers, a color chart and an instruction sheet.

Key Features

  • Portable, safe and convenient - allows "on the spot" drug screening without risk from broken glass or acid burns
  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic
  • Easy-to-use - no special training required 
  • Quick and accurate results - within 30 seconds
  • Preserves evidence - seized samples will not be compromised or destroyed


The PenTests offer a number of advantages over the competition, including:

  • General screening, presumptive testing that catches 25 illicit drugs using no more than two tests
  • Specific screening, presumptive testing for individual illicit drugs, single test
  • Test results available in less than half the time it takes with current test kits
  • Non-destructive test maintains evidence collected in the field all the way to the lab
  • K-9 alert validation
  • No need for acid neutralizers

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