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Detect4Drugs (D4D) / Coca Bundle - Drug Detection Aerosol

Detect4Drugs (D4D) / Coca Bundle - Drug Detection Aerosol

Mistral Security

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  • Detect4Drugs (D4D) Aerosol
  • Coca-Test Aerosol
  • 2 x Collection Papers (#530, Grey)
  • 2 x Test Papers (#630, Blue)

This bundle includes everything needed to complete 100 tests.

Aerosols are the fastest and easiest to use presumptive drug tests on the market, detecting both trace and substance levels of drugs. These kits are inexpensive, easy-to-use, and easy-to-handle. You can mix and match any test you might need.

Detect4Drugs (D4D) is an aerosol reagent spray that will detect and identify several drugs at once. Wiping any surface once with the special Test Paper #630, and spraying the paper with the reagent from this can, will reveal traces of several narcotics.

  • Hashish and Marijuana: as reddish brown stains
  • Heroin, LSD, and Opium: as purple gray stains
  • Amphetamines: as canary-yellow stains
  • Methamphetamines: as orange stains

Coca-Test is an aerosol based field test kit for the detection and identification of Cocaine, Crack, and PCP. Coca-Test contains a patented modified Cobat Thicyanate (Scott) reagent. Using Mistral’s Collection Paper (#530, Grey), simply wipe the suspected surface or touch the substance and spray with Coca-Test. A turquoise colour reaction on the Collection Paper indicates a positive reaction.


  • Detects trace drug residues
  • Bulk drug detection and identification
  • Will not destroy evidence

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