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Complete Selection of Mistral's PenTest Available

Posted by Jeff Ryan on

Mistral PenTest, D4D PenTest, drug detection and identification ampouleThe complete selection of Mistral Security's PenTests for drug detection and identification are now available on the BRS Online Store.

The drug identification PenTest from Mistral is an individual ampoule-based hand-held colourimetric drug detection product.  The PenTest line of products is a collection of single or multi-drug identification kits that provide law enforcement, and anti-narcotic users, with a reliable field test kit for trace or bulk drug detection.  Each test packet contains a PenTest, two test papers, a colour chart, and an instruction sheet.


Law enforcement and other concerned agencies use the Mistral PenTests for a wide range of applications including:

  • Airport Baggage Inspection
  • Border Patrol
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Customs Inspection
  • Maritime Inspection
  • Parole/Work Release
  • Port and Harbor Inspection 
  • Campus and Dormitory Inspections
  • Traffic Stops and Security Checkpoints

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