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Cocaine Wipes from Mistral Security - Now Available

Posted by Matthew Smith on

Now available, from Mistral Security, Cocaine Wipes.

These simple and reliable Cocaine Identification Wipes can presumptively recognize cocaine residue from minimal amounts of traces presents on any surfaces that have been touched by cocaine drug. Cocaine wipes are a quick and easy way to quickly test for cocaine residue. Simply wipe the pad on the suspected surface. If there is presence of cocaine, the swabs will change colour immediately. Their unlimited shelf life assures accurate and reliable results every time. 50 swabs per pack.

Test results are immediate. A blue coloured result presumptively identifies the presence of Cocaine and may be sufficient cause for further investigation.  These convenient  Cocaine ID “Wipes” can presumptively identify cocaine from trace amounts of residue present on surfaces that have been in contact with cocaine.

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