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Kinesis Plus

Kinesis Plus is a sophisticated remote logic controller which has built in many features as well as the ability to accept external sensor inputs.

Kinesis Plus, from Kirintec, can be deployed in such a way as to provide a secure communication network which can deliver a number of pre-set effects or actions either directly or operator command. This is a result of a sensor input.

Built-in Features

Kinesis Plus fits in a standard SA80 ammunition pouch and has front panel buttons and indicators for ease of control. What is more, buttons can be disabled/enabled remotely over the secure network.

Kinesis Plus has a host of features built-in, these include:

  • built-in initiator interface with a continuity tester (programmable pass/fail level)
  • switch interface with open/closed status
  • USB OTG interface
  • three axis Gyroscope
  • compass (3D accelerometer and 3D magnetometer)
  • WiFi and Bluetooth for local secure connection to a PC or tablet
  • battery backed real time clock


Basic unit specifications:

  • Size: 175 x 80 x 39 mm excluding antenna and terminals, 175 x 100 x 39 mm with terminals and dust caps
  • Weight: 580 g excluding batteries and antenna (antenna typically 11 g each)
  • Environment: IP67
  • Power supply: Two pairs of CR123 batteries, giving 6 V each. Pairs can be hot swapped. External power connector taking 4-15 V DC
  • Frequency: 433/868 MHz; Two radios per unit, each one can run at either frequency
  • Transmit power: Up to 100 mW / 20 dBm
  • Receiver sensitivity: Est -111 to -148 dBm
  • Control range: Up to 5 km LOS
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +55 ºC

 Kirintec EOD Tools - Kinesis Plus System

Initiator Specifications

Connections: Spring-loaded push terminal binding post
Voltage: 45 V +/-0.5 V Peak
Current: >25 A
Energy: 0.47 J
Time to arm: 1.5 s

Switch Specifications

Connections: Spring-loaded push terminal binding post
Switching capacity: 5 A 250 V DC 1250 VA, 5 A 30 V DC 150 W
Max switching voltage: 250 V AC, 125 V DC (0.2A)
Max switching current: 5 A AC / 5 A DC
Operating time: 10 ms max
Operating speed: 3 cps max