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EOD Tools

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Tools

Kirintec EOD ToolsWe have a range of support tools to ably assist you with Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) missions. From hooks to ceramic cutters, we invite you to read on and find out more about our EOD gear.


The Kirintec Initiator is a high performance electronic initiator. Working from a 9V PP3 battery, the Initiator provides a flexible and cost effective method of electrical initiation of military detonators commercial blasting caps and shock tube.
Part no: KT-962-005
Height: 170 mm 
Width: 90 mm 
Depth: 30 mm


Designed for tactical search operations, this is a strong lightweight grappling hook. It has been made to fit existing hook and line kits for additional pulling, lifting and manipulating. It comes in three parts that are easy to carry and assemble.
Part no: KT-212-421
NSN: 1385-99-2206
Weight: 0.28 KG
Length: 195 mm 
Width: 150 mm 


Kirintec's silent operation wire cutter. It is non-explosive command and ideal for silently cutting command wire, arming wire or pull cord command lines.
Part no: KT-600-300
NSN: 1385-99-979-8746
Weight: 0.55 kg 
Length: 270 mm
Diameter: 40 mm


Assists with semi-remotely cutting rigging line, pulling cord, command wire and/or firing cable. It comes with its own safety pouch too.
Part no: KT-212-221
NSN: 1385-99-216-1313
Weight: 0.005 kg 
Length: 140 mm
Width: 85 mm


The K-Cutter provides a single shot, miniature explosive wire cutting capability, that is high power but very discreet.Kirintec's
discreet single-use miniature wire cutter is very popular. It is very powerful and can cut a 4mm thick steel cable with ease. You should be impressed that the 'witness' from a cut is very low - an audible 'click' rather then an explosive event.
Part no: KT-600-392
NSN: 1377-99-968-6731
Weight: 0.04 kg 
Length: 46 mm 
Diameter: 5 mm


Sabre is ideal for hard to access wires and where very high assurance is required in the C-IED environment. This excellent product is in service worldwide.Kirintec's knife with a ceramic blade is a safe way to cut electrical wiring as it is non-conductive. This product is in service worldwide and remains a popular choice year on year.
Part no: KT-306-235
NSN: W8 1385 99 152 8624
Weight: 0.023 kg 
Length: 95 mm 
Diameter: 26 mm


The flying spike is used to extract either a buried main charge (YPOC), or for creating an anchor point on an item when extracting an object, or to gain access as part of a render safe procedure.The Kirintec flying spike is designed to penetrate into the mass of an object, so it creates an anchor to remotely or semi-remotely lift, pull or drag the object. 
Part no: KT-200-507
NSN: 1385-99-975-1918
Weight: 0.076 kg 
Length: 90 mm
Diameter: 12 mm


DETONATOR/BLASTING CAP STORAGE SYSTEM Allowing you to safely store and transport your detonatorTransport single or packs of detonators internally or within a rucksack safely.

The consequences of a detonator functioning as it is being carried or temporally stored could result in the loss of fingers or worse. The Detonator / Blasting Cap storage system allows you to transport a detonator as safely as
Weight: 0.3 kg 
Height: 125 mm
Diameter: 49 mm


HIGH SENSITIVITY HAND-HELD DETECTOR NSN: 6665-99-585-9089 A rugged, sensitive metal detector for military and police deployment on C-IEDA rugged sensitive metal detector for military or police use in C-IED
Length: 340 mm 
Width: 66 mm
Weight: 0.32 kg