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American Science & Engineering (AS&E)

American Science & Engineering (AS&E)

AS&E's goal is to develop technology and systems to protect and serve Law Enforcement and Security Forces. AS&E's world-class X-ray detection systems help bomb squads and drug interdiction teams perform their jobs more safely and effectively, and support law enforcement with their homeland security missions.

AS&E's systems are capable of clearly highlighting threats other X-ray systems miss, like plastic weapons, explosives, currency, drugs and other contraband.

Handheld Inspection

Mini Z

New from AS&E

The MINI Z handheld X-ray system is a compact, single-sided imager that can be used to scan objects in hard-to-reach areas, allowing for the effective screening of a wide variety of items such as suspicious bags, walls, furniture, small boats, aircraft, vehicle tires, and car interiors.

Mobile Inspection


The Z Backscatter® Van ("ZBV") is the most maneuverable, versatile, and successful cargo and vehicle screening system on the market. AS&E


Parcel Inspection

Gemini 6040

Effective. Fast. Reliable. Thorough. These parcel inspection systems have the whole package with the most comprehensive threat detection available for parcels and baggage.

Gemini 7555

Gemini 100100

See what you’ve been missing. Gemini uses two technologies in one complete system to detect metallic objects like knives and guns, plus organic explosives and drugs hidden in cluttered parcels—frequently missed in transmission-only systems.